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tuition session was as usual. to avoid boredom due to the lack of students came, i wrote.

write a story ending with: '...I breathed a sigh of relief."

The biggest questions were, how? Why? What happened? I am somehow feeling grateful upon reminiscing that horrible memory. A dreadful journey only my writing can best express. It taught me to be bold and courageous to protect myself better. It taught me to be brave enough to go through it again in my head to write this story.

It all began in a room. It smelled nasty. Almost like a fish market except it was dark and closed. Nyctophobia or claustrophobia was the least kind of fear you would like to have in that room. Yet, the worst kind of feeling was when I realized, I was all alone.

I looked around to seek any presence of humans. I shouted for help, yet the only replies I got were the echoes of my voice. My hands. My hands were tied with an unknown sticky material. Disgusting!

How? Why? What happened?

I stopped making any sounds because I heard something. A loud crack. My ears were as sharp as an owl. Trying to figure out what was going on.
The ceiling just fell in front of me! However, what happened next was even out of my mind. The floor I was sitting on began to fall too!

I was screaming at the top of my lungs. Horrified. I prayed and cried for my life more and more. I didn’t want to die yet. I need to take care of my cats at home. I haven’t feed them yet!

How? Why? What happened?

The endless fall remained for some time. Weird, so my screaming naturally stopped while I looked around and began to analyse. Wow, where on earth am I heading to?

It was a little tough to observe but around me was a cylindrical wall of well trimmed earth. The earthly smell was very strong too. It was as if an advanced drilling machinery like the one I saw in Discovery channel dug a hole under that eerie room where I was in before and went into the earth’s core.

How? Why? What happened?

Out of the blue, everything went benighted. The falling sensation began to decelerate and then halted! My body proceeded gently on the floor and I smelled that vexatious fishiness and wetness again, and my hands were tied to that unearthly material too. It was as if my body was manipulated through a voodoo doll!

How? Why? What happened?

Puzzled and my head began to ache. This must come to a cease.  Thankfully I saw a door. It was as tall as the latest smart phone they called an iPhone. WHAT? Wait, an iPhone 6+ is big but not big enough for me. That could only fit a giant mouse!

Migraine and distressed. I groaned and cried for help. It didn’t take long until another magical sensation was hovering my physical. My body was reversing into a smaller me! The gluey rope around my hands even disappeared into the thin air.

I realised then that time was too precious to waste. My size was perfect for that dumb door. I ran as if there was something chasing me. Enough was enough. I sprinted towards that not-so-dumb-anymore door and I fell on the sidewalk in front of my house.

HOME! I could smell dinner was served. Not sure if Mum was worried. I hope not because she’s been going in and out the hospital now. Whoever that person or ‘thing’ that controlled me, I did not care at the moment, but i will. I promptly stepped into my house and announced I was home. Somehow, everything seemed normal. So I breathed a sigh of relief.

taaadaaaaaa. another uncanny writing of mine due to the time limit. i took away my judging mind while writing. so i hope i will laugh at myself in the next 10 years while reading this.


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