Home Safety Assessment Assignment

Reading- Volume 2, pages 1-89

Prevention of Injuries in the Home and Home Wiring Hazards

Read pages 4-37 in Volume 2 of your course materials.These two important documents highlight the areas of the home that need to be checked for potential hazards.I am not trying to make the reader an electrician or carpenter, but the information does provide good suggestions for making the home a safer environment.As you review this material, you might want to start working on your home safety inspection assignment.  Another good resource (besides the course materials) is the Home Safety Council's .  They have a lot of good checklists that you can use.

Underwriter's Laboratories Inc home safety inspection checklist

Home Safety Test

Start out by taking the home safety test.This is a “just for fun” or “what I know [or don’t know]” test (you have to do it and submit it to your instructor).Send your responses to safety@siu.edu .

Exploring Practice in Home Safety for Fall Prevention

The Creative Practices in Home Safety Assessment and Modification Study Report

The National Council on Aging using information from the Home Safety Council, along with researchers from the progress in implementing the home safety strategies of the plan. To help advance those

strategies (outlined in Appendix A), NCOA, in collaboration with the Home Safety Council and the Archstone Foundation, initiated the Creative Practices in Home Safety Assessment and Modification Study.The National Council on Aging is using this report as a benchmark for examining future trends in home injury prevention and practices.Read the components of this report and report back to the instructor 3 major findings (this is a required assignment - 10 points).

Home Electrical Safety

Visit the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) Web site, click on the Resources Library tab, and view the following topics shown in the listing under this tab (most of these links are in .pdf format) (you may have to do a search on the ESFI Web site to find some of the items):

Old Home Wiring is now Home Wiring Safety Tips
Power Strip and Surge Protector Safety
Outdoor Safety Tips

Home Safety Checklist- Protect your family from fire and other electrical hazards by using this short checklist. These simple and easy steps will help you to identify and to correct electrical dangers commonly found in homes.

Space Heaters

Portable Generator Safety

Halloween Safety

DIY Electrical Safety Fact Sheet

Write a one page summary of what you learned from this review of the ESFI Web site and the topics listed above and send the review to safety@siu.edu .

Falls and Hip Fractures Among Older Adults

In the for Injury Prevention and Control and get the complete details about this important injury topic.Also read the following course materials and Web site:

Falls and the Elderly: An assessment and recommendations for reducing injuries (National Safety Council, 1997), pages 44-49.

Injuries to elderly women in the home environment: A research review (IEJHE, 2001), pages 49A.

The elderly woman and osteoporosis (IEJHE, 2001), pages 49B.

When slips get serious: The basics on fall-proofing your home (Family Safety, 2001), pages 49C.

Safe Steps to Reduce Falls

Liberty Mutual Home Safety Quiz - Take Liberty Mutual Home Safety Quiz and send the results to your instructor at safety@siu.edu.   Home Safety Quiz

Home Safety Tips from the Home Inspector Locator - Look at Home Inspector Locator’s home safety tips and forward to your Instructor (safety@siu.edu ) a complete copy of two of the tips.

Do the home safety inspection (read course assignments sheet) and submit to safety@siu.edu .

Review the video on lead poisoning called "lead away" at http://web.coehs.siu.edu/faculty/ritzel/index2.htm.For up to 10 bonus points, write a summary of the video and how you would use it in a community setting.

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