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Publisher: Pearson, 1st edition
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AP Biology Investigative Labs: An Inquiry-Based Approach, The College Board, 2012 

The AP Biology Course Framework: 4 BIG IDEAS
Course Description and Grading
AP Biology Lab Report Format
How to correctly cite sources for your papers and lab reports, in MLA style
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AP Biology Exam Review Guide

About the Exam
The three-hour test includes multiple choice, mathematical computation, short answers and full essays.

Section I (90 minutes)
Part A consists of 63 multiple-choice questions that represent the knowledge and science practices outlined in the AP Biology Curriculum Framework that students should understand and be able to apply.
Part B includes 6 grid-in questions that require the integration of science and mathematical skills. For the grid-in responses, students will need to calculate the correct answer for each question and enter it in a grid in the grid-in section on their answer sheet. A 4-function (+ - * / plus sq.rt.) calculator is allowed.


In Section II (90 minutes), students should use the mandatory reading period (10 minutes) to read and review the questions and begin planning their responses. This section contains two types of free-response questions (6 short and 2 long), and the student will have a total of 80 minutes to complete all of the questions.


All answers to the free-response questions must be written in essay form. Outlines and unlabeled diagrams are not acceptable final answers.

Scoring the Exam
AP Exam grades are reported on a 5-point scale as follows:


5   Extremely well qualified*
4   Well qualified*
3   Qualified*
2   Possibly qualified*
1   No recommendation**
*Qualified to receive college credit or advanced placement
**No recommendation to receive college credit or advanced placement

 AP Biology Test video - College Board Exam review (, 33:07)

Since 1989, there have been 12 laboratories—lovingly nicknamed "The Dirty Dozen"—that are "suggested" curricula for AP Biology classes. They "span the globe" in their topics and their techniques: from a behavior lab involving detailed visual observations to a biotechnology lab involving electrophoresis equipment with an extensive protocol. The AP Biology Laboratory Manual for Students and the companion guide for teachers do a good job of explaining the setup and troubleshooting problems, but there are always questions. Also, veteran teachers have often found new ways to save time, use less expensive materials, or completely change the design while still providing an excellent and effective lab experience for their students. Many of these labs lend themselves to use of probes and computers. Teachers may find these collected comments and ideas from the AP Biology EDG helpful in their quest to make scientific experimentation the most positive experience possible for their students.

The full labs are available for purchase at the College Board store:

The AP Biology Lab Manual for Students

The AP Biology Lab Manual for Teachers

Included here are tips for each lab:

The Twelve AP Biology Labs

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